How Gift Cards Work With Gift Card Transact

Gift cards are a convenient and safe way to pay for purchases. However, it is important to make sure that the card is valid and that it covers the purchase amount.

This flow covers all of the system interactions between a Webstore and an Order Management System for gift card transactions. This 문화상품권현금화 includes Order Return and Cancel, as well as Redeem and Fund API calls.

Adding a Gift Card to a Transaction

A well-designed gift card program allows merchants to track granular transaction data. This information can help businesses analyze trends in purchase patterns and identify opportunities for improving customer engagement. Regular audits can also help ensure that accounting practices are robust.

When a customer redeems a gift card, the amount deducted from the balance is automatically applied to their next online or in-store order. This is a popular way to encourage repeat purchases and build loyalty.

Adding a gift card to a payment or invoice involves using a Redeem API call from a Webstore or OMS that sends a request to your Gift Card Transact pool account to add value to the selected card. Upon receiving this request, the pool account updates the balance of the selected card and returns this information back to the webstore or OMS. The resulting balance is then available to the customer for future use. Alternatively, a Webstore or OMS may also initiate a RedeemVoid call to reverse the previous gift card transaction.

Adding a Gift Card to an Order

Once a gift card is added to an order through Gift Card Transact (on either the customer or vendor side) it triggers a series of interactions between your webstore, the Order Management System, and the Payments API. The specific steps vary depending on whether the card is being used to pay for items, a service fee, or delivery fees.

For example, if the card is being used to pay for items, the platform will make the Fund API call to load the currency amount into the new gift card transaction. If the card is being returned, then the Order Management System will return the refund to the Gift Card transaction.

You can manually add a Virtual or Physical Gift Card to an order through the Commerce7 Admin Panel. This does not generate an Order or charge the Customer, however it is a good way to add in Gift Cards that have been purchased previously on another platform when migrating systems.

Adding a Gift Card to a Payment

Gift card systems can be complex to integrate with existing payment processing and require ongoing maintenance. However, the system can provide a significant revenue stream for a business that may not otherwise be possible without the expense of a separate processor.

Whether sold online or in store, virtual or physical, customers enjoy the convenience of purchasing items using gift cards. In addition, a well-designed tracking system allows businesses to capture granular data on gift card sales and redemptions. This data can reveal patterns such as cyclical spending and seasonal trends.

During the checkout process, customers add value to a virtual or physical gift card through the same form fields that are used for other forms of payment. Once the purchase is complete, the Webstore or OMS initiates a FundAndActivate call to activate and fund the gift card for a specific amount. The response contains the status and gift card number (for virtual cards) or a URL link with a CardClaimLink (for physical gift cards). This information is returned to the webstore or OMS for customer notification.

Adding a Gift Card to a Remittance

Gift cards are popular with consumers and offer a convenient way to purchase goods or services. However, it’s important to understand the terms and conditions associated with transferring funds from a gift card to your bank account. This process can be complex and involves understanding the card balance, transfer limitations, and fees.

To add value to an active gift card, you must first enter the card number in a payment transaction. This can be done by using a virtual terminal, POS system, or web-based application. If you would like to automatically reload the card at regular intervals, you must set up the card for automatic reload. Many merchants will send a notification to the customer whenever the card is reloaded.

If the gift card is registered to a specific Customer, only that Customer can redeem the Card/Code. You can edit the Customer name for the Card/Code if necessary. If the Card/Code is not registered to a Customer, it can be used by anyone with the Code.