Elevate Your Cake With a Cake Stand

Rather than placing your jaw-droppingly gorgeous cake on everyday dinnerware or flimsy paper plates, opt for a beautiful tiered cake stand. These stunning stands can also hold other desserts, like pies or cupcakes, or even be used to display light bites, like cheese and fruit, at get-togethers. 주문제작케이크

Clear glass and porcelain stands keep all the focus on your baked masterpiece. Other styles offer a decorative flair, too.

Libbey Clear Glass Dome Cake Stand

The Libbey Clear Glass Dome Cake Stand draws admiring eyes to your baked goods without obscuring the view. The sturdy footed glass plate elevates the delicacy and a sparkling dome allows 360-degree viewing, whether you’re serving it as a centerpiece or amongst a full table spread. You can use the stand to display birthday cakes, pies, and other baked goodies. It also works well for bringing muffins to brunches, fruit to potlucks, and antipasto plates to parties. This versatile cake stand pairs with other items in Libbey’s Acaciawood line, such as a Dipping Bowl Set and Cheese Board Set. It makes a wonderful gift for the baker in your life.

Maya Resin Cake Stand

For an eye-catching centerpiece that elevates a cake or dessert, consider a stand with a flat top to showcase the top layer without any rim distractions. This also makes decorating and serving a cake easier. You can even use your cake stand to display other foods like cookies, pastries, or appetizers for parties or family meals.

The Maya resin cake stand, named after a friend of the maker’s grandmother, is a modern cake stand that is both stylish and functional. The sturdy, durable base features a hand-carved leaf pattern to elevate and complement the food served on top. It also has a thin white accent on the bottom to help it stand out against other items around it for optimal presentation. Hand-wash this piece of art for easy cleanup. This is a must-have for anyone looking for a mesmerizing cake stand. It’s made of high-quality materials and is sturdy enough for frequent use by families with kids.

Mosser Glass Cake Plate

Mosser Glass has been a family-owned business for more than half a century, creating timeless glassware with beauty and fine craftsmanship. They use classic molds that have been around for generations and produce a variety of products, including tableware, cake stands, and candle holders.

The flat cake stand top is ideal for frosting cakes or desserts, as it won’t get in the way of the frosting and prevents crumbs or spilled glazes from falling off the sides of the stand. The narrow indentation in the base right under the plate is also helpful for holding onto when moving the cake stand around.

The Mosser glass cake plate is available in a wide range of colors, from soft Georgia blue to classic jadeite green to milk white. The design is simple and elegant, elevating any cake or other dessert. It’s also a great choice for storing or displaying other items in your kitchen, like picture frames and knickknacks.

Pillivuyt Porcelain Cake Stand

The simple elegance of this porcelain cake stand is a customer favorite. Made in France, the white, non-porous glaze is designed to last. It is oven safe up to 2,400 degrees Fahrenheit and is dishwasher, freezer and microwave safe. Its smooth surface is a perfect match for fine bone china, so you can mix and match with other Pillivuyt porcelain servers and platters to create a stunning tablescape.

The marble top and walnut base on this stand are sturdy and beautiful, but it may need extra care to keep it looking its best. Because of its natural porous qualities, marble absorbs oily foods and can stain if not treated properly. Consider lining the bottom with parchment or wax paper to minimize the chance of stains.

Jadeite Glass Cake Stand

A cake stand is a necessity for any celebratory event, especially for weddings. Its primary function is to elevate the cake on a display pedestal, but it can also be used as a distinctive centerpiece for a stylish dinner table. You can even repurpose the elegant dessert stand for other occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries.

Using a cake stand will also help secure the artistic showpiece from being damaged. Placing a cake without a base will make it susceptible to mishaps like clumsy hands which could ruin its design and icing.

Choosing a different and unique cake stand that perfectly resonates with the theme of your event will add a final touch to its overall decor. For example, a rustic wood slice cake stand can add an interesting and captivating look to your centerpiece for a rustic themed wedding or Quinceanera. This is an easy and convenient way to give your event a unique and distinct look.

Acacia Wood Glass Dome Cake Stand

The Acacia Wood Glass Dome Cake Stand is the perfect way to elevate your dessert presentation. The natural acacia wood adds an earthy touch to your table, while the dome cover keeps treats fresh and dust-free. This unique serving dish is a great addition to your collection or an ideal gift for your favorite entertainer.

Engraved handles provide a subtle grip for easy passing, serving, and sharing, while the raised pedestal base provides an elegant display. Made from premium acacia wood, this serving piece is one-of-a-kind in its color and grain.

The clear glass cloche offers stability and a clear view look of the contents inside. Use this wooden dessert holder plate and glass dome for displaying cakes, cupcakes, pies, pastries or a variety of other foods. The knob handle makes it simple to lift the lid, and the acacia wood plate is food safe.